AR-15 Lower Receiver Jig Set
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AR-15 Lower Receiver Jig Set

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  • Item #: JLB-AR15JIG
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These jigs are CNC machined to fit our billet 80% lowers along with the mil-spec forgings out there such as Tactical Machining, Colfax, and Rohg; they will also fit most of the popular billet lowers currently on the market. All jigs are orange anodized and come with hardened steel drill bushings and replaceable top plates to aid machining on a manual mill or CNC machine (we do not reccomend modifying your 80 with a drill press). Highest Quality Jigs on the Market!

Warning: Modification of a non-firearm style casting may subject the owner to all applicable Federal, State and Local firearms laws - violation of firearms laws can result in severe criminal penalties.

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